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_technology student fascinated by knowledge

_I currently work as a front-end developer focused on usability standards, user experience and functionality within the projects I work on. I’m designer wannabee on my spare time, fascinated by geek culture, gadgets, portables, games, technology and economy. I’m also a “curious on duty” and lover of state of art on programming and facilities of technological life. I’m vegetarian in transition to veganism, atheist, demi-artist, japanese half-blood, lover of techs and a professional dota 2 player as hobbie.

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  • _nomeBruno Luiz G. Ribeiro
  • _ondeSão Paulo – SP/Brasil
  • _e-mailbrunoluizgr@gmail.com
  • _telefone+55 11 96348-3216
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brunoluizgr.com | Resume Bruno Luiz G. Ribeiro


Freelancer developer2015 – currently


Development on a startup platform that aims to be a social network focused on backpack trips and packages, travel and volunteer work with social impact. Versioning using GIT, use of Laravel/PHP as framework. Contact with some new technologies and extensios like Bower, SASS, LESS, PosgreSQL+PostGIS and NodeJS.

Internship developer2014 – 2015

Grupo i9

I’ve developed some websites and websolutions during the internship. I’ve also learned some technics about SVN versioning and use of PHP as codebase language, some intro about web programming using JQuery, JS, CSS and HTML5 and about the use of CMS systems like WordPress.

CRM Assistant / CRM Manager2012 – 2015

Campus Party Brazil

Translating… i’ll be here soon.

Web developer, IT supporter and technology department helper2012 – 2013

Agência Propagação

Translating… i’ll be here soon.

Trainee on INTEROP dev. department2010 – 2011

LTIA – Laboratório da Tecnologia Aplicada

Translating… i’ll be here soon.

Freelance developer2004 – 2006

Ragnarök Online Private Server

Translating… i’ll be here soon.


Student2010 – 2015

Bachelor of Computer Science – UNESP/Bauru

Bachelor majoring in Computer Science from Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho .

Schoolboy2006 – 2008

High-school student – Colégio Santa Lúcia Filippini

Got some experience as a student of 2nd and 3rd year of high school. Keeped the habit to not sat in the students desks at front.

Pupil1995 – 2006

Elementary school student – Colégio São Vicente de Paulo

Got some experience as a 10/10 student in the 1st grade elementary to 1st year of high school. Didn’t sat in the students desks at front.

Little cricket

Pre school and Kindergarten student – Colégio Júlia Mello

Earned some experience as a little boy/little cricket/mushroom-head in kindergarten, spenting my days drawing, running around, playing and messing with my clothes.

















After Effects

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MS Office









Where i’am right now?

Mail me! I don’t have coffee but i’ll be a pleasure to receive your visit! (: